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Leonard Pitt(non-registered)
Thanks for the treat to the eyes!
Really emotive photos. I love the landscape backgrounds, they brought out a bit of the occupants of the homes even though you never saw the people in the yards. Festive, Christmas, joyful.
Love your work...love you
Carlos Silva(non-registered)
Hi Gary,
I would like to clarify a statement in one of your post on JPG in 2011, regarding the Holy Ghost Portuguese Festivities, in this case Half Moon Bay
I know it is sort of irrelevant at this point but will help in the future. You state and I quote “Spectators lined Half Moon Bay's Main Street Sunday morning to catch a glimpse of some dazzling queens and participate in the 140th Portuguese Chamarita or Holy Ghost Festival organized by the I.D.E.S. Society.”
1. Chamarita is the name of a folk dance native to the Azores!
2. Holy Ghost is a yearly celebration of our religious believes, and how we celebrate it varies slightly from each island.
So, when you say Chamarita or Holy Ghost it is wrong since they are two different things all together.
Never the less, thanks for posting our cultural festivities and I hope this was helpful to you for next time.
Nancy LaRose(non-registered)
Hi Gary, the choice of "portraits" is fantastic. They really show the versatility of your work. And, your gift for capturing people in the moment.
Frank M vigneri(non-registered)
... GS ! A number of old friends in your Collections.
''June 4 Babies Rock''
MajorHugs, My Good Friend !
Excellent work congratulations!
Jeanne Jabbour(non-registered)
Hey Gary - so good to see you the other day -- a totally pleasant visit! Hope to be able to see you again soon. Love your photos -- keep shooting!
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